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This is AndyBeMackin.

AndyBeMackin, tell us more about how you got started.

I guess I started rapping around this time of year back in 2016. I was going to college at Valdosta State University at the time and we had a super nice studio available for us to use; so we used to go in there and record.

The first few songs I made, I actually recorded in my dorm, on my bunk, under a comforter! I guess to "compress" the sound? I don't know haha. But music-wise, I've been playing piano all my life and making beats since the summer of 2015.

I guess I've always known music was what I supposed to do, I just didn't really seriously pursue it until like two years ago. Now it's time to grind!

What has been the most difficult thing about pursuing a career in music?

I suppose the hardest thing is the competition with yourself. Like, to be honest, you gotta be able to have someone tell you you're trash, and understand that you really might be. Of course you are going to think your song is fire, it's your song.

Two years ago I thought one song I had was fire; bars. Looking back at that song now; its so bad, haha. It's a competition with yourself. You gotta understand starting out, or even two years in, even though you think you're dope you really might have a lot of work to do!

Basically be confident in yourself but also, know when to sit down and listen.

AndyBeMackin – What sets your music apart from the others?

I always try to bring something to the table, aside from a sonically amazing-sounding song. I love to inspire self love, self confidence, and many times I talk about grinding and how its good to have a solid work ethic!

But also in some of my songs that I've released (or are soon to be released), I speak on my struggles and issues with love and girls.

I always try to bring a vibe, whether my song makes you want to call your ex or call that girl you have a crush on and ask her out; I'm sure you'll add my next hit to your favorite playlist! 

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