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Breakthrough Artist: August Ruiz


August Ruiz brings sensitivity to the rap genre creating soulful tunes and sharing his unique insight into the experience of growing up, love and hard times. This young artist is already making waves with his music and videos and with an already growing list of followers August Ruiz looks like a future breakthrough artist on the rap scene.

So let’s find out more about the man behind the artist and how his motivation shapes his music.

August Ruiz is a 19 year old rap artist from Rancho Cucamonga California with big dreams. He started making music as a freshman in order to get him through some hard personal times and gradually this creative form of therapy became a passion that took over his life.

A turning point came when he partnered with Rose Rev a local and successful DJ Artist who gave him the chance to record in a studio. This experience made him realize that music was his main focus in life that he had to follow.

August Ruiz recorded his first song on Sound Cloud in 2020. "Trust Nobody" with its haunting and atmospheric melody line matched by Ruiz’s distinctive vocals notched up 4,000 listens and encouraged him to continue with his creative process.

For his next song August looked deep within himself with a heart felt confessional approach to song writing. "Not The Same”, featuring Shiloh Dynasty (female vocals) is a lofi hip hop love song. Authentic and heart breaking it tells the story of a painful break up which has resonated with listeners.

August Ruiz most recent song "Forever" has notched up over 20,000 streams on YouTube alone. Heart felt, romantic, catchy and soulful, Ruiz was asked to write a love song for a friend to celebrate his upcoming wedding. To date, this has been his most successful song and it suggests the direction that this young rap performer is heading.

According to August Ruiz, his major influences are lil skies juice wrld, and xxxtentacion. Listening to their music helped him come to terms with his own life and provided a start point for his own musicality.

We can all expect more from August Ruiz. He is not yet a major star but as he draws upon his heart and emotions, he is certainly going places.

For August his aims are simple. He says, “I just want to inspire people to chase their dreams and help people get through whatever it is they’re going through from my music. The same way my influences helped me because I know how hard life can be sometimes”

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