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D'NME, tell us a little more about how you got into music.

I started rapping and making music when I was around 16 years old.

Personally, what drew me to Hip-Hop was the skill that was involved in rapping.

It takes a lot of discipline to become great at rapping, so when I was starting out I would practice freestyling and I would also do various rhyming exercises which eventually helped me develop my flow and writing style.

Once I became more comfortable with writing rhymes I would start going into various studios and recording songs.

Knowing how to rap well is one thing, but knowing how to make a great song is a whole different ball game.

Being a phenomenal rapper was and still is important to me, but being able to make exceptional songs is something that I take a lot of pride in as well.

I feel like because I developed a passion for rapping and making music at an early age I’ve always had the focus and drive to keep working on my craft and getting better as a rapper and as an overall artist.

You are an incredible lyricist! What is your creative process when it comes to making music?

Thank you!

Usually when I’m working on music I like to have the beat first.

The beat usually dictates what direction my writing is going to go in.

Creatively, I like to go to the studio with nothing and come out with something.

There are times where I may have an idea for a song and my producer Jon Bonus will start building a beat from that idea.

Sometimes he has a beat ready to go, and I’ll start writing to that.

What would you say to aspiring rappers who look up to your work?

First, I would tell them thank you.

It’s always great when artists or anyone for that matter puts your music on a pedestal, and it feels even better when your work inspires other artists in rap.

Another thing I would tell them is to really believe in themselves, and their talent as a rapper.

You have to have an insane amount of self confidence as a rapper because the industry can really make you second guess yourself, so you have to feel like a god at what you do.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

I just released a new single called “On The Way,” it features Keenan Trevon who is a really talented artist and songwriter from Denver, Colorado.

So, right now I’m focused on promoting that song.

I’m biased, but I feel like it’s the greatest song out, but a great song is nothing without promotion, so I always like to promote my music before I drop the next thing.

Most likely my next release will be an EP, which I have been working on while currently promoting “On The Way”.

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