Creator Bradley Denniston Announces Release of Debut Single 'Stolen Love'


Bradley is a singer, songwriter, music producer and multi-instrumentalist based out of Los Angeles California.

Bradley has worked on blockbuster movies, totaling several billions of dollars in box office sales and with Platinum selling artists that include; The Lonely Island, Gotye, Tegan and Sara, and G-Eazy.

With over 21 years of making music, Bradley opened his own business, Radium Media in Hollywood, CA. just under 5 years ago where he continues to work on major motion picture releases, television series, and recording artists' albums.

Bradley has most recently produced and composed original music for the Netflix original series: Abstract: The Art of Design and for the Netflix Original Anime series; Cannon Busters from Boondock's producer, LeSean Thomas.

Now in his next move, he is releasing his debut single, "Stolen Love" on all major platforms on April 16th, 2021.

Stolen Love is a perfect blend of soul, pop, funk and an absolute earworm of a hook.

In an interview with Infared Magazine, Denniston stated that “Stolen Love” is about: “All the love you experience has been stolen at one time or another,” says Denniston. “The one you’re in love with now, was once in love with another. You stole all your love and someone stole your love.”

With all of the accolades and accomplishments under Denniston’s belt, including a Grammy, Oscar, and Emmy nominated work, this solo career is definitely something to be on the lookout for.