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Could you tell us a little more about Reigning Legacy?

A. Daniel Davon Wilkins (CEO/Founder of Reigning Legacy):

Well, first & for most Reigning Legacy was Created by 2 best friends who met 4 years ago! (Daniel Davon Wilkins & “Scottie” Rapp) it is one of the fastest growing underground movements in history but it’s not your average brand you see when I visioned Reigning Legacy.

I was someone who had nothing but pain & anger for the world.

A misunderstood orphan at the young age of 11 growing up in foster care for 15+ years that turned into passion & a vision.

I seen myself doing something greater than me that represented something that gave people hope & a better sense of living & purpose!

Reigning Legacy is a brand with two divided branches.

A local community OUTREACH established in Upstate New York working in the inner cities of the surrounding communities providing solutions & advocacy to those in poverty suffering from traumas & misfortunes (such as homelessness), troubled youth, substance abuse & mental illness .

We also have a Lifestyle Club with Beyond where us 3 founders all are global & executive influencers who are 6 figure earners with beyond.

We teach financial literacy in the field of economics of forex & digital currency education!

We also promote health & wellness.

Where help everyday people to achieve their goals & enhance their lifestyles through top notch products, services, savings & rewards.

Our teamwork, personal development, social media influence is what we are known for.

(I hit a 6 figure income with Beyond in 14 days)!

B. Scottie Rapp (Vice President):

Reigning Legacy is not only a household brand, but an emerging, underground movement that carries emphasis on community outreach, youth advocacy and offers various financial programs allowing its members to get a competitive edge in today’s digital age.

At Reigning Legacy, our sole mission is to provide value, support & advocacy on an outreach & entrepreneurial level.

Reigning Legacy Outreach overall has a global vision to extend & further its services to people across the world.

We also have an investment team where we teach Financial literacy in the field of marketing & investments allowing everyday people to achieve their goals & enhance their lifestyles through top of the line products, services, savings & rewards.  

Our teamwork, personal development curriculum & social media influence is what we are known for.

Has it always been a smooth road?

A. Daniel Davon Wilkins:

I can say that I didn’t have the greatest upbringing, but I don’t blame anyone.

I just believe sometimes life doesn’t give you the best deck of cards but growing up in foster care for 15 years been in 30+ homes although I know for my immediate family it hasn’t been smooth!

I was in and out of trouble running the streets praying for better opportunities one day for myself.

I never gave up & always had a feeling deep in my heart that as long as I believed in something and always seen the good in life, no matter the Trials & Many tribulations that came my way.

I have a passion to serve others & learn entrepreneurship and developed a system where I could do both now with Reigning Legacy™️ Outreach & Investments (multi-category brand).

What would you say to aspiring entrepreneurs & fans who look up to what you guys have accomplished?

A. Daniel Davon Wilkins

I would say to all of you, all of the hungry entrepreneurs, put others first.

Pick a champion and create one.

To all my fans & followers, learn to love yourself, thanks for all your support of it wasn’t for my following.

I wouldn’t be in the place that I’m in thank you for believing in me but I