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Dear Haters, Wack05 is Making It Cool To Be 'Wack'

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

“Haters gonna hate.”

Member that line fam?

That’s like one of those phrases that has seriously survived the test of time though.

For real, how long have haters been a thing?

Forever, right?

Hating is a whole culture now.

People form hate clubs.

They get together, throw little tea parties for each other, wear the same hats and be all angry at the same time:

Weird isn’t it?

I feel like there is a new wave of positivity forming though.

Not fake love, cause that’s annoying.

And we still need honesty, so we can't get rid of that.

Honesty helps us understand each other so we can all learn from that.

I’m talking about shunning people who hate just to hate; with no real basis.

People who truly don’t want to see others do well for themselves or be different in any way.

The movement is starting though; through a positive wave takeover.

Like the group Wack05 who found a way to warp a negative word like ‘wack’ into a badass movement through music and culture.

People would call them wack, so they literally turned an entire movement out of it.

For them, being wack is a whole vibe, and we think that’s the dopest thing ever.

Peep our interview:

Tell us a little more about when you first got into music?

Since we started back in 2016, we have been called 'wack' by all our peers because we always liked to do things differently and they had no other word but to call us wack.

So being Wack05, we have always been known for an unparalleled commitment to be the wackiest music group alive; but we also want to be known as more than just a music group.

We are a whole different wave coming to shake the whole music scene up.

We started just as a group of friends from different areas in Southern California.

When we got together, whether it would be to throw a party at a house or just hang out, we would freestyle live for the people around us and turn it into mini performances.

People started to take notice and told us that we should start to make music of our own together.

Once we started making music, th