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Acting Is Hard, But Akeem Mair Is Making It Look Easy

Watch Akeem in Nintendo's New Promo Commercial:


I think we can all agree that acting is a tough gig, right?

However, it's also one of those things that people see so often on TV/movies and be like, "How hard can it be though?"

Bruh, it's hard.

From the dozens of folks we've got to meet this past year (who are all in the entertainment and acting space) they all say the same thing:

Get ready to get rejected...often.

More than a lot.

Apparently, thats just the name of the game and the learning curve sounds extraneous fam...

Maybe similar to the music industry in that it's super cutthroat, probably harsher.

So, give credit when it's due.

If you got any friends trying to make it in acting, cheer em' on yo.

Let em' know that you never gonna give them up (click here or see below for distilled motivation).

But seriously, we came across Akeem Mair and he's already making major moves.

Peep the homie's Instagram.

Watch his new Nintendo commercial he starred in.

Drop a kind comment (please don't spam the Rick-Roll link, twas a joke).

Can't wait to see what Akeem stars in next.

And the guy had one of the sweetest interviews we've ever done, bravo!

Peep our interview:

Akeem, tell us a little more about how you first got into Acting?

Acting was not my first love.

I wanted to be a financial banker because of Micheal Douglas.

I watched The Game and that movie inspired me so much; the 2000 BMW 740i, his custom suits, the excitement of the stock exchange office, and the personal maid that lived at his house.

Plus, math is my favorite subject and I love punching numbers in a calculator so the job fit me perfectly.

But one day, while working at Ralph’s grocery store, a loyal customer changed my life.

I was working as a cashier when I caught a customer I knew quite well coming into my line with her head down.

It seemed like something was wrong, so I wanted to brighten up her day with my big personality.

I said, “Hi, it’s good to see you again, I hope you found everything ok?” she said softly, “Yes, thank you!”

I replied, “Usually I see you smiling, but whatever you’re going through I know God will pull you out of it! He’ll never give you more than you can handle!”

After the transaction I said, “Have a bless day, I hope to see you again!”

Immediately she paused and finally looked up at me for the first time and I could see her tears.

“Are you an actor?” she said.

I told her that I wasn't and asked why she asked.

“Because you have this big positive energy. You move people by it. You lifted my spirits after I just lost my home in a foreclosure,” she said.

Her words hit me hard.

After my shift, I went home and wondered what would my life look like if I was a successful actor?

I thought about how I’ll be able to help my family so much more and how I can affect millions of people with the same positive energy.

That night, I started researching and learned that becoming an extra on a movie set is the best place to start. The next day I reached out to Central Casting in Burbank for their free introduction and here I am today!

I am more than satisfied and really love what I do!

What does the process look like when choosing roles and/or films to be apart of?

When choosing roles I like to pick anything in Action, Drama or Romance.

Drama is priority number 1 because it shows my range as an actor and it’s the greatest chance for me to win an Oscar.

It is the hardest feat to achieve as an actor in this business and I’m ready to walk that stage and get what’s mines!

I especially love the drama roles because they challenge you and and take you to place where you’re most vulnerable.

The Action roles excite me because I would love the opportunity to play heroes roles like The Green Lantern or James Bond, with all of the fighting, guns blazing and winning the love interest’s heart at the end.

Those are the dream roles!

The funny thing about me is that in all the movies I watch I always want the lead to fall in love and get the girl at the end.

I hate it when he doesn’t because I feel like he failed after going through so much for her.

Sometimes I stopped the movie right before everything goes bad just to savor all of those good memories haha.

For me, characters are like a living and breathing beings as if I live as that person.

Each role is real to me so when my character feels pain I personally feel it.

I love roles that bring that out of me.

What would you say to any aspiring actors who look up to your work?

I always preach to aspiring actors to find and reach out to mentors first!

Which means the first thing you should be thinking in pursuit of becoming an actor or actress is to sign up for acting classes that are recognized in Hollywood.

Not all classes are recommended by top casting directors, agents, managers, and respected people in the film industry.

You’ll have to do your research and a good place to start is getting a list of classes from the SAG office building.

You need these mentors to guide and train you because when you first start out, you are what the industry refers to you as “green,” meaning you are new to the game.

If you don’t have experience or credits then the best next thing is your training.

The second thing you should do is sign up for the 4 major acting audition sites: LA Casting, Actors Access, Casting Frontier, and Backstage.

These 4 sites are used by all of the top casting directors, agents, managers, etc.

This is how you will find the auditions and hopefully book a gig!

Again always do your research and don’t just take my word for it.

Always double check because it’s so easy to get scammed in this business!

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

Yes, I am excited about two new projects that I have coming up.

My first project is the feature film “It’s On You,” which I just wrapped up and the film is now in the editing phase.

I play the hot headed gangster who’s always on edge and seeks violence.

Tupac gave me the inspiration behind it and I used him to draw out the perfect character to play.

I loved that the director Jonathan Latona and producer Verrin Cofield gave me that freedom to express myself.

Even the look of my character, they allowed me to pick the clothes I thought my character should wear.

I had so much fun!

And my second project is the feature film “Black Caesar Pirate King,” which I haven’t filmed yet.

My dear friend, Susan Bell, who’s also the producer of the movie reached out to me and immediately jumped to the opportunity!

All I know is, I play a pirate and I can’t say any more details than that.

But I know it’s going to be super fun and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

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