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Meet Anthony White: Motivational Speaker

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Tell us a little more about how you first got into motivational speaking?

It all started when I was in high school at a very low point in life.

I was always skipping class not wanting to better myself the way the school wanted me to.

I wanted to learn on my own.

They wanted me to learn what they wanted but I knew it would be pointless in life because I was never going to use anything except for English class.

I was very smart when in books of my choice and doing studies on the human mind, also learning correct history and informing people on how it all worked.

I always helped people on the way they think because I found the human mind so fascinating.

I knew if everyone learned the way the brain worked there troubles would be taken away even the bad habits.

Everyone would have no choice but to grow.

One day I ran into a speaker named Inky Johnson on YouTube on day in school.

I thought his story was so fascinating because I could relate to it.

I felt a sense of comfortable that someone else sees what I’ve been through as well.

It made me feel like I’m not alone.

Me seeing that if he can get through his struggles in life made me realize I can do anything I put my mind too.

I knew that if I could share my knowledge that I knew with the world like inky did I too could change the world and also everyone’s life breaking it down step by step how everyone needs.

You are also an astounding author. What is your creative process like when coming up for a new idea for a book?

It all depends what I’m writing about.

If I’m writing about something deep like my life story which I’m currently on my series “1 Second 7 Days.”

I’m gonna turn on music that can relate to what I’m talking about.

It helps tap into a different side of me that I can focus into it more.

Key words or story’s brings back memories from what I’ve been through or experienced.

The biggest thing is what people can relate to as well.

I always try to find something that people can learn from because the whole intention is for someone to learn and grow.

I figure out what do people during times today and ever after these hard times today what can people still learn from after as well.

I think about everyone learning differently and which are the best ways i can interpret a word for everyone to comprehend.

What would you say to any aspiring motivational speakers who look up to your work?

I don’t care if your parents don’t support you, your friends, your teachers, even some of your closest people to you don’t support you.

Keep believing in yourself.

The journey is going to be hard but it’s one thing I need you to know.

Nothing in life is easy so don’t expect whatever journey you choose to be easy.

They all take long nights, no sleep, sacrifices, hard times, plenty of nights with no food.

You have to believe that it’s all well worth it.

If you can feel the change you want to make in the world in your gut.

How happy you feel thinking of your dreams.

Never lose site.

There is no such thing as a loss on your journey.

Only lessons.

If you don’t remember that you journey will be hard because this consist of having to dig yourself out of the gutter and keeping your head on straight by yourself.

Nobody who you want is going to be there to pat you on the back all the time as well.

You also have to do your own networking booking gigs learning the ins and outs of complaints and how they pay.

It’s all worth it if you truly want to help people around you just as much as you wanna change the world.

Never lose site queen or king I believe in you just have faith.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

I’m on my second book of my series “1 Second 7 Days” you can expect that this year in 2021.

You can also expect a couple of live TV appearances on a couple of tv shows as well this month.

As for the rest everyone you just have to stay tuned and be on the look out for my name.

Thank you.

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