This is Astrokid.

Astrokid, tell us more about how you got into entertainment?

Some people are good at shooting a ball in a hoop, others are good at finding derivatives.

Me, I entertain.

I was born an entertainer and the course of my life helped groom and develop me into the entertainer I am today.

From age 5, I would “DJ” with cassette tapes and CDs on my mother’s daycare boombox.

When I got tired of hearing those songs, I would bang on the walls with my markers and my body parts to create new songs.

I remember going over to my childhood best friend’s house every weekend and seeing his dad playing old school jams on 12 inch records.

I remember my dad throwing block parties in the 90s and standing behind my uncle watching him get all the kids hype.

The same house party Irv Gotti DJ’d his first party in back in the 80s, was at my grandparent’s house where I DJ’d my first party.

The same halls and classrooms that 50 Cent hustled in, was the same high school that taught me my street smarts.

Entertainment isn’t just a career, it’s a way of life.

What would you say is the most difficult aspect about launching a career in entertainment?