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This is Cio.

Cio, could you tell us more about how you got into the tattoo business?

It happened pretty organically.

I dropped out of college, put a commission work ad on Craigslist and a shop owner offered me an apprenticeship if I did a painting for him.

So basically, I just went with it and never looked back. 

How would you describe your artistry and what separates it from others?

I like to describe my style as black and grey realism.

I’ve always been in love with fine line, black and grey tattooing but my approach slowly evolved; and it probably always will.

I think that’s what separates my artistry from others. It has a fine line black and grey feel

but without the fine lines.

I'd describe as being a bit more graphic. I’m definitely finding my look/style with time. 

Cio – What sort of advice would you give aspiring tattoo artists who look up to you?

From my own experiences thus far, I'd say stay hungry and stay inspired.

Trust in yourself and go get it.

Do you have anything that is new or upcoming that we can expect to see from you?

I’m currently diving deeper into painting, so prints of my portraits will be out soon.

Also, vlogging and tutorial videos on YouTube will be a possibility as well.

Social media presence is a must with tattooing and any type of work you’re looking to put out there to the public.

I'm also looking to network more with other artists around my age or on the same path as me.

I’d like to say traveling will help with that so a lot of guest spotting is definitely in the near future. 

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