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Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Daniel, could you tell us a little more about how you became an entrepreneur?

I got my first exposure to the startup world back in 2017 when I was presented the opportunity to intern for SocialHouse - a real estate housemate matchmaking service.

After learning about the lifestyle, creativity, and earning potential differences between working a 9-5 job and creating your own business/working for a startup, I realized the latter was the obvious choice.

Google became my best friend, podcasts took place of music in my car, and networking became my passion.

During my first year as a transfer student at USC, I joined Sigma Eta Pi—an entrepreneurship fraternity, joined the TAMID Group (trains students and alumni to consult and advise Israeli companies).

Along with this, I was heavily interested in the blockchain space which led me to founding the "Trojan Blockchain Society", a centralized community on campus for all things blockchain-related.

I later joined as a consultant where I advised/implemented growth marketing strategies on college campuses nationwide.

Following this experience, I was introduced to Matthew DiMarcantonio, founder and CEO of, who is a Thiel fellow and Y-combinator S19 Alum.

I began working closely with him selling his self-order kiosks to restaurants.

However, I still realized how much knowledge about entrepreneurship there was that I still didn't know after attending YC S19 Demo Day.

Learning and speaking with the founders of a variety of companies in industries of all sorts was an experience that served me well.

They were all showcasing their efforts and successes in their businesses to thousands of investors which gave me more knowledge about entrepreneurship than any educational institution I have been apart of. 

Entrepreneurship to me means wealth and financial freedom.

You are also known for your giant following on TikTok; tell us a little more about your TikTok Journey?

One of my passions in life is to expose the cons of the current educational system and how its flawed in many ways.

I started an instagram account dedicated towards this mission however, it was not getting the growth I expected it to receive.

During the fall of 2019, I listened to a video of Gary Vee mentioning the potential of growth on platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok.

I began with experimenting with LinkedIn, found success, and thought why not test out TikTok.

At the time TikTok was growing at an unimaginable rate however I realized there was a lack of educational content on the platform.

That gave me the idea of tailoring my educational content to the younger audience through showcasing creative ways to make money that all ages can do.

Within a month of posting, I had 25,000+ followers and my posts were competing directly with Gary Vee's videos on top hashtags such as #business, #marketing, #entrepreneur, and more.

I took it upon myself to share my knowledge of the platform by writing a book about what helped me find success on the platform which can be found on

I became passionate about the platform and its potential so much so to the point where I advised friends of mine, like Taylor Price, to join the platform and took it upon myself to begin networking with other TikTok creators in the educational niche.

Fast forward 7 months later, I connected with many founders, entrepreneurs, and businesses which helped me expand my network further.

For example, I connected with Jaden Brodeur who hosts "The Crowdfund" podcast where they interview founders and CEO's of startups actively raising capital.

What would you say to aspiring entrepreneurs & fans who look up to your work?

The year is 2020 and anything you want to learn is one search away on google.

Take the time to learn things online whether that be through FREE MIT, or Harvard Classes, or by just following youtube and tiktok creators, blogs, and more.

Within a couple weeks of putting the time towards learning a new skill or learning about a new industry, you will realize how much better option it is both financially and information-wise compared to universities.

When you find interest or success on something you begin working on, first ask yourself if you are enjoying the process/results, if the answer is yes then double down your time and efforts on it.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you? is one thing I'm extremely excited about for myself, the team, and the future of education. 

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