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This is Daniel.

Daniel, tell us more about how you got into music & YouTube?

Music was always a passion of mine. I put some demo's together and sent them out to all the labels I was interested in and DreamWorks Records responded and flew me out to Los Angeles.

I sang in the president's office and they signed me right there and then.

I made a record with the producers Time & Bob & R Kelly but DreamWorks was sold to Universal Music and I ended up getting shelved for 4 years!

Unable to release any music of my own, it was pretty bad.

But it really helped me fall into the YouTube thing. I started posting covers of Drake songs at first then Miguel, Frank Ocean, etc. It just took off. Now I have over 260k subscribers.

What is the most difficult aspect about launching a career in music?

I These days, the challenge is standing out among all the other content that's out there.

You really just have to be persistent.

Daniel – Do you have anything new or upcoming that we can expect to see from you?

I moved into acting in the past few years and was performing in the west end of London in the show "Pretty Woman" before the outbreak.

But now I've got time on my hands so I will definitely be putting some new music out there.

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