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Updated: Apr 25, 2020

This is Goldcap.

You have an impressive collection of instruments from all over the world, could you tell us how you got started?

I see the word is out. Well, to be honest I cant remember exactly how this all got started, but my first instrument was a piano, followed by the electric guitar and bass guitar.

I had those instruments by age 15, so I had some cool parents for gifting me those instruments that set me on my path.

After that it just seemed natural to purchase any instrument that caught my ears. I've always had a fixation on trying my hand at any musical instrument that crossed my path.

Since I started touring around the world, it has progressively gotten worse because being someone who loves strange, ethnic, and unknown instruments, travel is like pouring fuel into a fire.

So I have brought home many instruments and knick knacks along the way.

Is there a pivotal moment/experience that has shaped you as an artist?

I can't really pinpoint one specific moment or experience.

I'm of the belief that all our experiences shape who we are, so my life path has organically brought me to this place and to my taste and preference in music.

I would encourage people to take in as much knowledge as possible, the more knowledge you retain, the more possibilities your mind has to maneuver.

Who are your biggest influences in music and why?

A lot of my biggest influences come from the 60s and 70s era of psychedelic music from around the world.

It was the beginning of the end for cultural folk music in the traditional sense.

It marked the beginning of a global unity in riding a wave together.

And perhaps it's that information which drives me to preserve the old music along with the new in my DJ sets.

Do you have anything that is new or upcoming that we can expect to see from you?

At the moment I am working tirelessly on my weekly Soundcloud podcast series called “The Goldcast."

Aside from that, I'm using this time at home to finish up my first EP, as well as a bunch of new remixes for an eclectic range of amazing artists.

Follow Goldcap:

You can find me on Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Resident Advisor, Beatport, and other outlets just by searching “Goldcap."

But I think it's best to find me in the physical realm so real memories can be made.

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