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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

This is Dre Fly.

Dre Fly, tell us more about how you got started in music?

I started doing music when I was 8. Rap has always been a family tradition of ours. Even when I was growing up, most of my cousins rapped.

Thinking back to it now, it was fun when we use to post up in the streets and they would ask me to freestyle.

My sister had a heavy influence on my sound and music before she passed away.

Unfortunately, she never got a chance to hear my music professionally recorded. My sister died the same day I recorded my first studio song.

I’ve always known music was in my blood because of who I’ve been connected to all my life.

I have a cousin named Chris King who is signed to Trippie Redd, a famous and well-known song writer, and another cousin named Day Duce over there with Yowda an MMG artist.

What has been the most difficult thing about pursuing a career in hip-hop?

One of the most difficult things about pursuing a career in hip-hop is learning how to turn your music into a business.

However, the real challenge is getting people to believe in your music and sound!

There is just so many artists out today that fans can listen to, so when you get your time, you gotta make sure they notice you.

Most importantly you gotta prove to fans that you’re different, ya know? Don’t get me started on the hate. I got that at the beginning but that’s another story.

Dre Fly – What would you say sets your music apart from the others?

I make hits. I take criticism well and improve everyday. I’m versatile with my own style. Plus my experience and my emotions are in my songs.

Is there anything new or upcoming we can expect from you?

I’m working on my 2nd mixtape and I haven’t released the 1st officially just yet. You can expect singles for now.

The two newest mixtapes will drop sometime this year!

Get in touch with Dre Fly:

I'm super active on our Instagram. We have a Twitter and Facebook, but I need to put in some work on those. Our YouTube channel is fairly new, but getting lots of love.


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