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This is JL Divinci.

JL Divinci, tell us some more about how you got started in music.

So, the artist known as JL Divinci began unofficially in the early 2000's back in New York City.

I was always writing rhymes and stories, but then a group of guys at the Old Navy I worked at, asked me to get on a song with.

It was mostly ad-libbed about 4 bars in Patios (Jamaican).

I didn't touch another mic until years later when I moved to Minnesota and got my first Mac.

I got a hold of GarageBand which was a part of "iLife" (the OGs will know what I am talking about).

I made a song just messing around called "Futuristic Swag," which I threw up on YouTube.

Back then, SoundCloud wasn't a thing and so unless you had the money for a mixtape or had a deal that was the only way.

I got like one play and a few laughs out of it and let it go for a while.

After moving to Austin, Texas, I got inspired and started to create songs again.

I put a super experimental song called "Abduction" inspired by a band I heard while volunteering at SXSW.

I have been producing music ever since.

What would you say has been the most difficult aspect of launching a career in music?

For me, the most difficult thing is the time.

I run a business, have a full-time job and a family so committing to studio time has been tricky.

I also feel like there is an anti-older artist culture in the music industry in general.

So being older has it's marketing drawbacks.

The other aspect is marketing.

Its a marathon and staying interested 24/7 can be next to impossible.

How would you describe your style/sound & how is it different?

My style is different because I try not to subscribe to narrow genre boxes.

I was born in Jamaica, before migrating to the US and I also went through emo faze.

So, my style and my tastes are electric.

If it sounds good I will probably do it.

Music is as much of self-expression as it is a form of therapy.

I always want to keep my fans surprised and guessing what I will do next.

I am just crazy like that.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

Yes, so I am currently gearing up to release my next single on July 10th called "Pain."

I am also working on my first music video as an artist as well for the track.

I also have plans to put out a compilation EP later this fall so look out for that.

Follow JL Divinci:

Yes, so fans and interested parties can start on my website.

From there they can find links to all my social channels and my merchandise store as well.

Or just google me!

  • Website: JL Divinci

  • Instagram: @jldivinci

  • Facebook: JL Divinci

  • Spotify: JL Divinci

  • Apple Music: Jl Divinci

  • YouTube: JL Divinci


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