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This is Karina.

Karina, tell us more about how you got started in art?

My name is Karina Roberts I am 28 years old. I’ve always loved art! When I was in grade school I would paint and start all kinds of projects. I really loved it. I taught myself how to use different mediums.

Now, my preferred medium is watercolors. I never thought painting would do so much for me, but it has opened a lot of doors and brought me some great opportunities.

Ever since starting my art, I am so grateful for every moment and all of the amazing people I’ve met because of it. I’ve learned to embrace my creativity and just grow as an artist. It is definitely a part of my reason for being.

What is the most difficult aspect about watercolor painting?

I paint a lot of “sea scapes,” also known as mermaid/fantasy art. I really just paint what I want to see. I love watercolors, they are so cool to work with and I have so much control of the pigment levels.

There are just so many techniques to use that will have such unique effects once they dry.

I always sketch everything out first, then I go over it and erase any pencil lines.

The difficult part would be finding the right paper to use. I don’t really use expensive materials but you really don’t need to; I think you can still accomplish beautiful paintings with what you have.

However, what I did learn is to invest in good watercolor paper otherwise when you apply different washes, your paper will tear. Good quality paper is truly key when it comes to watercolors.

There are definitely those moments when I start to doubt myself.

To me, that is the most difficult part about being an artist. But I just learned to be myself and to never compare my work to anyone else’s.

What would you say separates your artwork from the others?

My work is different. I create a signature with every painting I make and I believe every artist should have a mark to show who the actual creator is without having to look it up.

I think the way I paint mermaids is also different from the way someone else might. I also think the tone of my paintings are different since I use really soft watercolor backgrounds.

I get this feeling of peace when I start to mix colors and the way the water just flows.

One of my favorite things to do is take a shower, clean my workspace, pick out my favorite brushes and make sure they are ready before I start anything new.

It’s almost like a ritual of mine. I just have to do that first or I can’t work!

My brand came with time as did the confidence to start showcasing. When I create “THE SEAADREAM” I was journaling and listening to a playlist on iTunes.

One of my favorite songs came on by an indie singer and the chorus was the “sea a dream.” A lightbulb went off and I remember thinking, “This is perfect!”

I really love the ocean. I remember the adventures with my friends and just going to the beach at night, its serendipity because I married a sailor (lol!). My husband has been a great support in my art career, he supports my dreams and inspires me to keep pursuing.

As a mother of 3 children, finding time to work can be an obstacle at times. I have a 6 year old who attends most of my events with me, a 2-year old and 1-year old.

I love that I can share my hobbies with them. We go hiking a lot and have little adventures. Even thought being a mom is sometimes scary, I am grateful to have these responsibilities because it is truly amazing.

It plays the biggest role in my work and I always try to make time to paint. It's something that I feel defines me. I am a painter, a mother, and a happy wife.

Is there anything that is new or upcoming that we can expect to see from you?

Due to the recent status of things (quarantine), all of my upcoming events are canceled, however when things get better I’m excited for things to go back to normal.

I’ll have my shows scheduled again. As of now, I will be having an exhibition for “IRONMAN” in October 2020.

It was supposed to happen on April 3rd but it was postponed. I also have a work up at a gallery in oceanside: IKIGAI Artifacts Co. which definitely should be checked out. It is such an amazing place for the art community!

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