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This is Kendra.

Kendra, tell us more about how you got into modeling.

I started in 2007.

A hair stylist from my church wanted to have a hair show and she wanted me to join.

Since then, I loved it.

But I had to stop between 2010-2011 because of some personal conflict.

I also didn't do it while I was in college because I wanted to focus on my schooling.

I didn't start up again fully until the very beginning of 2019.

After I had my child in 2018, my body wasn't the same.

I wasn't fulfilled and I couldn't stand my 9-5 job then.

I felt like I was missing something. (Don't get me wrong I love my son Hes my heart beat! But I forgot to take care of myself and to make a little time for me).

Every mother heard that saying to "make sure you get some me time and don't lose yourself."

I've heard it so many times and that whats I did; I lost myself.

But a fire was enlightening in my soul to get back into modeling so I did it!

I promised myself I will push myself even harder and even further than before.

What would you say is the most difficult aspect about being a model?

Breaking into the industry.

The entertainment industry period.

Everyone wants to be a rapper, singer, actor, model, photographer, ect.

But to speak on modeling; its hard.

You have to be a certain size, height, and look! ( some agencies have exceptions now which is great).

But, how many African American girls like me do you see?

It's rare; I see the same European look and the same African look.

If you don't have super curly hair, different color eyes, some birth mark/ blemish on your face, real dark gorgeous clear skin, and bald; your chances are thin.

Minimum of 5'9 and up for woman to do runway.

But I have heard there are some exceptions!

Its definitely tough, but you have to have the drive!

If you dont have it, it wont work.

What sort of advice would you give aspiring models who look up to you?

Go for what you are after.

Don't let it stop you!

I know I could have gone much further if I didn't stop.

I feel like I wasted so much time.

But push push push!

And please do your research!

If you think an agency reached out to you on social media, please research that said "model scout " if you are unsure about them.

There are a lot of red flags!

I've learned to never get my hopes up in this industry.

If you do and get shot down, brush it off and move on, go twice as hard!

Make sure you research your modeling agency as well before you just sign a contract because you finally have an agency.

And also make sure to read your contract!

If you are unsure, ask to take it home to read over it and give it to someone who can dissect it.

You need to know what you are getting yourself into.

Oh! And beware of creepy photographers!

I can talk on and on about this.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

I am planning to do different kinds of shoots in the next few months.

I also have auditions meetings, and trainings coming up.

Unfortunately, I wont be specific because I am not trying to get my hopes up.

I am praying over it and making sure I work my butt off to get it.

But to know more, follow me.

I do post things when they are official!

Some things are meant to be kept a secret until permanent.

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