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Background (Kevin Solomon):

Meet Kevin Solomon, Owner/Founder of SlaughtaHouze/Newmann Distributions LLC.

Co-Owner of SlaughtaHouze/SlabAllStarz LLC and SlaughtaHouze Recordz. Born and raised in Houston Texas, Kevin Solomon spent over 20 years in the Houston Hip Hop scene.

Kevin co-founded SlaughtaHouze Entertainment in 2000 with the hopes of gaining local and regional attention with his music and mixtapes in an over saturated market.

His love for music allowed him to wear many hats in the business.

As a rap artist/performer, Kevin (who’s stage name is Vic New) didn’t reach the level of success he had hoped for but that didn’t stop him from continuing to push forward.

He taught himself how to DJ so he could release his own brand of hip hop mixtapes to distribute in various neighborhoods.

His “SlaughtaHouze” mixtapes were featured in record stores in and around Houston and even though they were well received, Kevin was not satisfied.

He wanted more.

He wanted what his counterparts achieved.

As the years progress so did his hunger, drive and sacrifice for the vision.

Music was his passion but responsibility of family put those dreams to a screeching halt. Kevin decided to walk away from the dream and devote more time to being a BETTER father to his children instead of being a provider.

All this occurred in 2007 and though it was difficult for Kevin to let it go he still kept his ear to the streets.

After an 8 year hiatus, the PASSION renewed and Kevin refused to sit on the sidelines.

Time had past and he was ready to get back into the game.

Problem is he’s over 40. Houston Hip Hop has changed and it’s catered towards a younger generation.

Realizing that performing was not what he wanted to do, Kevin decided to start a digital radio station.

He had to get with the times.

The days of hustling CDs in the record stores, clubs and events were over.

In addition to starting the digital station, he produced his own radio show titled SlaughtaHouze Live.

The show was broadcasted on several networks until it became a “conflict of interest” with these networks.

With his back against the wall (again) he decided not to fold and keep pushing.

SlaughtaHouze Radio became its own entity in the Houston Hip Hop Internet Radio market.

With the success of the station, Kevin Solomon’s vision grew into something more than what he anticipated for.

He realized that he belonged BEHIND THE SCENES instead of on the stage. SlaughtaHouze/Newmann Distributions LLC was established in 2019 followed by SlaughtaHouze/SlabAllStarz LLC in 2020.

Kevin made this into a family oriented business by co managing SlabAllStarz with his three daughters.

He and his wife co-owns SlaughtaHouze Recordz.

Kevin still offers aspiring recording artists opportunities to grow on his SlaughtaHouze Network just as he did in 2000. 

What has been some of your most favorite projects/clients you've got to work on/with over the years?

I’ve been blessed to work with many recording artists (indie and mainstream) and just being asked to critique an artist project before its release means so much.

It shows I’ve earned that artist's respect and they trust my opinions. 

What would you say to aspiring entrepreneurs who look up to your success?

What I would say to an aspiring entrepreneur is that there are NO DAYS OFF.

You have to be ALL IN.

It’s your dream, your vision and no one will believe in it unless you believe it.

You can’t give up just because you get discouraged or the process is moving too slow.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

We have PLENTY of new projects in the works. 

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