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This is KT. True

KT. True, could you tell us more about how you got into music?

First off, thank you DARK for having us! We're more than excited to share our story with you guys! 

Singing for me was always an expression no matter what genre. From jazz, House, RnB, to Rock I loved to feel it through every style I sang with the collaborations I've done in the past, but I never really found that duo partner to create it with or let alone feel that intense connection with.

Then, I met Eddie Valentino (Composer and bassist), we ironically fell for one another, and with that also came music.

This was a couple of years back, a summer in New York, in a small rundown Brooklyn apartment.

He picked up the guitar, started playing, and I would glide in with improved lyrics and melody.

From there, we harmoniously and immediately knew we had a strong musical connection; and we write this way till this day. 

When you have something like that, you run with it and see how much more and how far you can create.

We must have played for hours and recorded some solid demos for the first time playing together.

What would you say is the most difficult aspect about starting a career in music?

In the beginning, I would say making enough money to make ends meet is a tough one. 

We all have to have a side hustle, especially most of the artists these days, but we make sure to spend our time wisely. 

Our band is the priority and comes before anything else. But with all that is happening in our world today, time has been a bit more on our side and even though some challenges are not as severe as before, new ones come in to play.

For example, like having the studio time to record with our band together, or doing live shows, but life always come in to tease you with  challenges…and we say bring it on!

It's about the climb of passion, and curious nature that drives us, right?

Right! What would you say separates your sound from any of the others?

We had many talks about what our sound has and we definitely want to bring back a bit of the old school rock and roll; but also slither in an edge of a new age sound that gives our listeners a fresh feel to our music.

We also never want to stop the impulse to experiment with bold instrumental sounds and taking risks on lyrics in our composing.

Who would you say are your biggest influences in music?

We have influences from everywhere haha, as I’m sure most people will say. 

It just depends on our current mood, what we feel and what we want to make others feel.

But just to simplify haha Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP), Gorillaz, Fleetwood Mac, Muse, Blondie, Soundgarden, Deftones and countless others.

Do you have anything that is new or upcoming that we can expect to see from KT True?

Yes we do!  We’re releasing our new single, “Crime” on Friday May 29th and couldn’t be more ecstatic! 

We have teamed up with some great engineers/producers to really step up our production.

We love to work with dedicated and talented people and so far, from what we have heard of the track, we’re confident and are super excited  for you guys to hear a bit of a darker and heavier layer of KT. TRUE!

This can be a scary time for majority of us but we want a chance for people to listen to our music and have a moment to escape, even if it's for a little while.

We want our listeners to dive into out stories that we create and hopefully have their pulse quickened with some feel good music to rock out too!

Follow KT. True:

Follow us at @Kt.true on Instagram, and look us up along with our new song, “Stain” that recently came out on all major platform for you to choose from!


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