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Meet Popular Kid TikTok Star & Artist TahChon

Tell us a little more about how TahChon first got into music!

TahChon is not just a 5 year old recording artist, he is also a child author, rising Tiktoker (26k) actor, model, and kidpreneur.

TahChon released his 1st single title “Lil Boss” in June 2020 during the pandemic.

He started rapping and singing almost right after he started talking.

January 2021 he released his first book titled “I’m A Superhero.”

Though TahChon doesn’t have the dances down packed he is definitely making his mark on Tiktok his bubbly personality and smile will brighten up any room.

Who are some of TahChon's favorite artists and inspirations?

Some of his favorite artists are Lil Baby, Foogiana, Rod Wave, and so many others.

A few artists that inspire him are DJ Khalid, That Girl Lay Lay, Blake Shelton and a few others.

Does TahChon have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see?

Some upcoming projects to look forward to are film appearances, major collabs, and more music dropping.

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