Updated: Jul 12, 2020

This is Rebecca.

Rebecca, you have created a successful career in modeling. Could you tell us a little more about how your modeling career got started?

Hey, so I started my career back in 2018.

Me and a friend were shooting just to pass the time.

I think we published 1 or 2 on my social media before a scout for playboy got in touch and asked would I shoot for their magazine.

So we agreed and from there it just took off.

You have become well-known for shedding light on mental health issues. When did you decide to start speaking about the importance of mental health?

Oh Gosh!

I started speaking out a few years ago after being in a really low place.

I found that I wanted to try and show people that even someone like me has bad days too.

I think it's important that I use my social presence to show both sides of the coin.