This is Scotty.

Scotty, tell us more about how you got into coaching & speaking at events.

I used to work at a gym and when I was there I would notice a wealthy young male come in each day.

I knew he was wealthy, not just in the pockets, however he was wealthy in the mind which was way more important to me.

After a few talks he told me he was making 25000-5000 a month at the age of 22 at that time.

Finally,  I said to myself if he can do that, theres got to be a way that I can.

When I was finally done debating with myself, I told him that I would quit my job and take him out for sushi.

When we met up, I told him I would join his network marketing platform, iMarketsLive (IML), where I began my journey for 3 years making over 6 figures a year.

What is the most difficult aspect about launching your own business?

If I had to choose the most difficult aspect about network marketing it would be dealing with people who have a difficult time overcoming challenges with others.

A lot of the times people can't seem to set their differences aside and work towards an end goal in a positive aspect.