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Tanaka, tell us a little more about how you got into public speaking!

My name is Tanaka Tava, I'm a creative entrepreneur, public speaker, actor, author, podcaster and college student.

Basically a modern day renaissance man.

My main inspiration are DeVon Franklin, Nick Cannon & Childish Gambino.

I'm currently in my final year at Baylor University, studying with a double major - Neuroscience and Theatre Arts with an Entrepreneurship minor.

I first got into public speaking because both in high school and college I was involved in student government.

Plus, being a theatre major helped me practice my oratory skills.

I first started giving a speech to the student body, then went around my community boys and girls club and was invited by my high school to come speak.

Most importantly, I realized that my voice, especially as a black creative, does hold value in spreading a positive message to the younger generation - saying "hey this person looks like me has done this amazing stuff I can do it too."

Representation is important and I'm passionate about the message of equity, inclusion, and advocacy for people to have a seat at the table.

Next Spring, I will be giving a TED Talk at CSUF and my idea I will be presenting is called, "The Highlight Effect."

Tell us some more about how you started Tava Multimedia Group!

Tava Multimedia Group, LLC was started this year.

In January, I started a podcast called, "Campus Cuts" and that same month I self-published my book, Sunshine and July under Tava Publishing Co.

So then, I realized that it was the time to start an LLC to have all my ventures under.

Tava Multimedia Group, LLC is the home to all the projects.

From the podcast, to Iconic: Luxury Streetwear, TTakes Photography and TA Fitness.

An opportunity to demonstrate my versatility and have ownership. 

What would you say to aspiring creators who look up to your work?

To the creatives that look up to my work, first off I want to say I'm grateful.

Honestly, I'm just a kid with a big dream to create a multimedia entity that is for the people.

I want to host something meaningful with the grassroots.

I want to showcase diversity in media in all it's capabilities; age, sexuality, creativity, financially all rooted in living out the gospel the right way.

The best thing that any aspiring creator can do is to go all in on your dream.

No one can beat you at being yourself.

If you are able to be yourself and not worry about the competition you already won.

Most people in life are too busy trying to be someone else and the market exposes that.

So be yourself, go all in and don't give up.  

Follow Tanaka:

Thank you for considering me to be a part of this feature. I'm so grateful and blessed. 

Hebrews 11:1

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