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This is The Music Note Kids Club.

Tell us more about The Music Note Kids and how it started?

The Music Note Kids was created and brought to life through a book entitled, “Our World: Mama Sister Brother" (currently sold at Barnes and Nobles, all major distributors, and on our own personal website for less).

The goal was to bring knowledge to music notes that a lot of people don't know much about.

Thus, The Music Note Kids came to life; spreading music awareness through the inspirational magic of music and later blossomed to a full-blown educational program.

We teamed up with the board of education and our educational program is currently active in Augusta Lewis Troup Middle School in New Haven Connecticut.

The Music Note Kids also took place within several special events over the summer in Connecticut and New York!

In New York Mets stadium (also known as CitiField) they loved our program so much they sponsored us to their family event with "Steve Urkle" from the Hit TV show, “Family Matters” who hosted the event.

What separates The Music Note Kids from any other educational programs

What separates us is that we first start with a deep respect for the richness of each child’s own unique self, we listen to each child’s voicing of their own likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams.

From there, the inspirational magic of music is used to encourage their aspirations so that they learn together and share. 

We have also created a puppet workshop that was created to build kids up through their social-emotional learning matrix.

Our puppets are actual characters in an animated cartoon and book (with the cartoon still in the works).

We prioritize our focus on the children's self confidence and provide a pathway back to school giving children the opportunity to want to learn with our work and play techniques.

What does The Music Note Kids hope to accomplish?

The goal of The Music Note Kids Club is to bridge the gap in communication between kids and the institutions built to educate them.

We want kids to love themselves and open their minds to what they can achieve in the world; and ultimately achieving those goals someday.

Our program also provides several job opportunities for families and host centers looking to get involved and adopt our company brand.

Is there anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from The Music Note Kids?

We are converting to on online program through Google Classroom which we already have 6 staff-trained and ready to go; just waiting on technical difficulties to be worked out on our website to finally launch.

"The Music Note Kids Club Inc. (Non Profit For Youths And Under Privileged Youth) Online" will bring the Music Note Kids Club right to your home in this time of help and need!

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