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This is TruCarr.

TruCarr, tell us more about how you got started in music?

I was never into it like that to where I thought I would be rapping. But one day, I was playing around with my kinfolk and they thought it sounded good.

So then I wrote something to it and the next day I rapped it to em and they fucked with it.

Then word of mouth started to spread, I found the booth and got started. Never looked back.

Certain situations in my life motivated me to just go harder and gave me more stuff to talk about in my music.

What is the most difficult aspect about starting a rap career?

The budget. If you don't know how to work yo moves, this shit cost. But to be honest, I can't really say that...I've been blessed.

So I would say looking for a studio can be hard at times or really just getting people to fuck with your movement.

TruCarr – What would you say separates your sound from everyone else in the game right now?

I'm really just using the voice I was born with. No lie. People say it's unique so I'm running with that; especially being in Cali.

You've worked with tons of artists, who would you say are your biggest influences?

Everybody got a way of showing their influences; even if it’s a loss. I learned regardless of anything, it’s all influential to me. Life is . 

Do you have anything new or upcoming that we can expect to see from you?

Yeah, "Outside" feat. Blueface is coming soon. More music for sure and definitely visuals.

For me and my boy G Perico, we got a new joint dropping called, “What I See.” 

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1 Comment

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