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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

This is "Lil Homie" by Mikem Nahmir.

Mikem, what does your new album "Lil Homie" mean to you?

This album means the WORLD to me.

It represents progression and positivity.

It represents my family and friends.

It's for all the dead homies and the ones locked up that can't use their voice the way I do.

This album is for my people.

We deserve something REAL.

Could you tell us some of your favorite tracks on the album & why?

My favorite songs on the album are A Message From My Sista, Ghost and Isley's Outro which are the last three songs on the album that all flow into each other and end the project perfectly.

My REAL sister is on the beginning of A Message From My Sista.

Shit is deep because we don't talk on the phone a lot and it was the first time I heard her voice in awhile.

Ghost is probably the best song on the album.

Devfears is a really really good beatmaker.

The instrumental for Ghost really touched my soul and brought out the best in me, lyrically and allowed me to confront some of the deaths I've seen over the years.

Isley's Outro is me telling the world how much I hate the police and people who front about who they are.

Supernalist really did his thing with the production

When are we going to get another single from Mikem Nahmir?

I'll drop another single later on this month, on my birthday which is June 26th.

So there you have it.

You'll have it in a couple weeks.

Might even drop it with you guys!

You never know.

Just keep watching...

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