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Reggie Rare Drops Mixtape 'Zero Zero One Percent'

Hey Reggie! Tell us a little more about when you first got into music?

I always been into music ever since I was young.

But my love for basketball was stronger until that came to an end.

When I had my son Reginald Cayless lll, my ambition and drive woke up again!

So, I thought to myself 'How am I going to make 6 figured a year not only for me, but for my son as well?"

Then I thought Rap, music and hip hop.

So I got started right away and dropped my first mixtape July.

Since then haven’t stopped since.

What about your creative process?

Making music is life to me.

So basically, I have to live it, before I can create it.

Feel it, breath in the moment so I can exhale to lay it down on the track.

You've got tons of listeners from all over the world. What would you say to some of your fans who look up to your work?

I would say to make sure you take a real good listen.

Pick up the gems I drop and leave the ones that don’t apply to you.

Then go get to it.

Also, don't wait on nobody; do it yourself if you have to, they will follow.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

I just dropped a mixtape called 'Zero Zero One Percent' on all platforms.

Next, I have a single coming out with Smoke DZA .

Then, I have a new EP coming out early July 2021 called 'JUCO' produced by Chuck Strangers.

It'll be a 4 track Ep with just bars and lyrics and more intimate more polished work than before.

Can’t wait to drop.

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