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This is Sophia Nguessan.

Sophia, could you tell us more about how you came up with the idea for SFS Active?

Towards the end of what was supposed to be a quick trip to my hometown Arlington, Virginia - I broke my foot which had me in the home with my kids for a couple of months.

I wanted my foot healed before flying back to Los Angeles. During the months that I was in Virginia,  I became unmotivated and frustrated not only because of the broken foot, but because of the events that were going on in my life.

I started meditating, which led me to think of ways to stay motivated/active while having a broken foot and taking care of my two kids.

I researched exercises that I could do with a broken foot and soon after I started performing exercises that were specifically targeting my core and abdominal muscles. I invested into protein shakes, resistance bands, and watched a lot of fitness videos.

I would create schedules for myself and the kids; and just to pass time I would exercise and even paint. 

SFS Active started right after recovering from my broken foot. There was nothing more motivating than being at home with two kids on crutches! Then, I thought about other moms who were at home with their children . 

Most mothers want support and guidance when it comes to fitness and wellness. I was pretty motivated to coach moms.

I started hosting in-person group workout sessions with friends and their children. Soon after, I was offering online sessions because schedules were getting tight.

The online sessions were convenient and worked perfectly. 

What is the most difficult aspect about being in the fitness industry?

One of the challenges that I face within this industry, are that some people want instant results or that quick fix.

They want to achieve a look that someone else has versus just accepting their own body and fitness journey.

That journey takes patience, dedication and commitment. And SFS Active promotes a long lasting "active" lifestyle.

What would you say separates SFS active from an ordinary fitness program?

The program is specifically designed for women and mothers but anyone can book a session . There’s also the option of booking an online session which makes it easy and convenient.

SFS Active has truly been building from the ground up by myself,  a mother of two boys, and this is only the beginning. It represents hard work and commitment.

It promotes a lifestyle change that does not happen overnight; it promotes wellness and balance especially for the everyday mother. 

SFS Active represents hard work and commitment. It promotes a lifestyle change that does not happen overnight; it promotes wellness and balance especially for the everyday mother. 

Who are your biggest inspirations?

My Oma, which means grandmother in German.

My grandmother was the epitome of an active beautiful, loving and kind woman. She always pushed each of her grandchildren to be well and to do great things while being so very supportive.

She stayed busy and stayed active. She led with grace and kept her balance in life. 

I remember a word that she always used on my brother, sisters, cousins and me: "SHNELL," which meant "hurry" in German.

Hurry, move, get going , hustle; and still to this day it resonates with how I move about and what I promote through SFS Active. 

Do you have anything that is new or upcoming that we can expect to see from you?

I'm working on hosting a few pop-up boot camps in Los Angeles - specifically for women and moms.

I'm also working on hosting more online Workout Challenges which are a ton of fun for everyone!

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