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This is TracyLifestyle.

TracyLifestyle, tell us more about how you got into makeup and astrology?

I've always had a natural thing for beauty, astrology and spirituality. In my high school years, I became more intrigued by it all and started doing my own research on.

Over time, many people that I have encountered complimented the way I style myself in hair and makeup. People also have always been fascinated by my insight in astrology and spirituality!

I was then encouraged to turn it into a career. 

So in the passed year, I decided to purchase a camera and laptop to launch my YouTube channel. Through social media & specifically my YouTube channel, I was able to reach many different people.

Which was a big goal of mine and that helped me enlighten people in many different ways.

My ultimate goal was to help people enhance their own beauty with their own features rather than basing it off a specific person. I love to have personal talks with my followers where I can help enlighten them by providing my insight. 

I do nails as a living and so I interact with different personalities on a daily basis.

What has been the most difficult thing about pursuing a career on YouTube?

The most difficult aspect of my craft is to be self motivated and consistent in uploading new content for my supporters.

Somedays, it gets discouraging to keep creating content especially when it involves coming up with new ideas daily.

It gets to the point where I want to give up but I’m an optimistic person so I work through it.

TracyLifestyle – What sets your artistry apart from everyone else?

What sets my content apart from others is the fact that it is very diverse. I create content for all age ranges.

I inspire others to want to understand more about life, astrology, spirituality & self esteem.

I keep it light and fun but I also have more serious content. 

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