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This is Trippyy.

Trippyy, tell us more about how you got started.

I mainly got inspired to start creating my own music a little after I was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. I have always been around music growing up since my dad was a DJ. So I grew up listening to all sorts of music.

Music really helped me when I was at my lowest point. When I was depressed it brought me up. Especially when I was going through my chemo and radiation, music truly helped me stay strong and positive. Music made me realize that it curates a feeling. It truly is the one thing in this world that I believe can cure everything.

I instantly fell in love with music. At the time, my favorite artist was Speaker Knockerz. I always looked up to him and he inspired me to start producing and actually pursue this dream of mine.

He later passed away which in turn made me push even harder knowing that anything could happen in this world.

Watching him rap, produce, and make a name for himself really made him stand out in my eyes. Just his talent alone was enough to inspire me. So I started just trying to produce music.

Honestly, It took a couple of years until I actually knew what I was doing when it came to producing. But once I did, it became incredibly addicting and lots of fun. I’m not the best, but if there is anything cancer taught me, its that hard work, faith, and patience can go a long way.

I’ll never forget that.

What has been most difficult about producing & working with artists?

The most difficult aspect of my craft in my opinion would be the learning curve that’s involved for producing. For example, even when you are simply recording someone’s voice, you can spend so much time playing with levels making sure they sound amazing.

I think its very easy to get super paranoid when you're producing.

When it comes to producing beats, its super easy to get discouraged when you start comparing your beats with others. I think every producer at one point in time feels like their beats aren’t good enough.

But, once you get over that learning curve and you start understanding how a producer got their beat to sound a certain way, you really just keep getting better and better.

Trippyy – What sets your music apart from the others?

I really try emulate my beats with a different sound. I would describe my sound as a wavy and trippy vibe. I love getting creative and using new sounds or new patterns.

I definitely have my own unique style and sound when it comes to my beats. I think that is super important in the world of producing.

You definitely don’t want to sound like anyone else and when your listeners hear that certain tag in the beginning of the beat, I want them to know its a Trippyy production.

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