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Ty, you are one of the hardest working models we know! What keeps you persistent in pursuing your passions?

What keeps me persistent is my eagerness to learn more about the technique to develop myself so I can become successful at it and to be the first male model coming out of Toledo.

You mentioned that one day you'd like to model for Puma; what does the Puma brand mean to you?

In my opinion the brand stands for vitality, energy, power, and strength.

I've always been a big fan of Puma.

The brand is very powerful but quiet if that makes sense.

Something like a quiet storm when it hits it's too late. 

Folks should have been paying attention.

That's me, a quiet storm on the rise.

What would you say helps you stand out as a model?

I'm unique.

I'm original.

My smile, my sense of humour, my physique, my drive, myself discipline, and my hunger to learn more and willingness to do different modelling not just fashion, all separates me from other models.

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