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1O80p, tell us a little more about The Division North Compilation featuring artist Slice Billy & Haughton!

The Division North Compilation is a celebration!

One for me and my brothers, we are here now and want all the money, women, and a good life.

The production is all in house and we will have np features on this project just the team.

Both Slice Billy and Haughton are producers and artists and will be producing every track on the project as well be featured on it. 

I feel both Slice and Haughton are crazy with the shit they create and this project is going to showcase their production and creativity.

They are the dopest lyricists I have ever heard and they create something new everyday that makes me happy.

They're on my team and not the competition LOL.

I love my Gang Division North and our extended family, 1WorldStudio's, TheACRC, Mowgli.Exo, and Party Michael.

This Project embodies the Town we are from and everything it stands for.

Not only are you an entrepreneur, but also a full time artist! Tell us more about your upcoming R&B project produced by Party Michael!

I have been blessed enough to be able to feed my family off my art and not one day do I take it for granted or pass up any opportunity that's put in front of me.

Like the opportunity I was blessed to work with such a talent like Party Michael and Mowgli.Exo.

Those guys really have pushed me and taught me a lot that has made creating this project so memorable and full of vibes.

The sessions are crazy full of W&W LOL, thats Weed and Wine, with a couple tea breaks and facetimes from your favorite instagram model. 

We create everything from scratch in those sessions, the beat, the Lyrics, everything.

You step into our  session and your entering R&B bootcamp LOL!

This R&B project is my best work ever in my opinion and I'm going to take myself, Party Michael, and Mowgli.Exo to the next level.

I'm talking "Tiny Desk Concert" level LOL.

Mowgli.Exo has been my vocal coach through this and has really pushed me to get out my comfort zone and because of that I'm reaching my Inner Tyrese LOL.

What inspired you to start shooting your own music videos?

Honestly, I've always wanted to shoot my own videos.

It was an itch I had to scratch.

My love for films and photography, I couldn't ignore anymore.

And also I had a video guy run off and another show up without the batteries LOL.

At that point, I had enough and said no longer will I leave my fate or career in anyone's hands.

I need and want full control of every detail from the song creation to the visual.

These guys are hobbyists, everybody wants to be the man but doesn't want to put in the work.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

You guys can expect the compilation and my R&B project January 2021.

Until then go run up Slice Billy's new single, "Top" and my new video on youtube, "OJ Simpson/1Of1".

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