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Artist On The Watch: Babystud


Babystud, has seen many accomplishments in his rap career. Stud started recording music in 2017 and sfter many years of practice and self motivation he released his first official track as an artist in 2020.

Over a span of a year, Stud has obtained 1.6 million plays on his first released music video, “Ain’t No Stopping” with a team of talented artists He has assembled.

Together, this team is known as the World Wide Wanderers which happens to be another huge accomplishment for Stud which has impacted his career and others drastically.

Within his first year, in such a short period of time, of having released music for other people to listen to and enjoy or criticize, there has been extensive growth for Babystud.

This rapid improvement is not only being made within the group but also with the audience that stud has been reaching.

One of his most highly rewarded personal achievements is, on a single Stud released which is known as, “Bitch I’m Gone!”

This song reach over five hundred thousand overall streams on, popular music platform, Spotify.

Babystud has also been featured on songs with multiple upcoming and well-known artists and producers.

This includes Stincteam Too Greedy K7, Jag, Iambkarma, YMP Cash, Kerrigan Productions.

The World Wide Wanderers have just finished an Atlanta tour and have an upcoming tour in Arizona.

The team continues to improve and motivate each other consistently day by day.

There are many more accomplishments to be made.

Babystud comes from a long line of smart and hard workers.

He works hard on his craft and is self-taught to play Arabic instruments such as the doumbek, the Arabic violin, and the riq. Babystud does not produce his own beats and does not handle his own engineering. But on the other hand, he does write and sing along to his own lyrics.

Babystud grew up with his 3 older brothers and 1 oldest sister rapping as they tested each other’s abilities to enhance their own skills.

According to Babystud “he is the youngest of 4 children and the stud.”

Babystud was born in Los Angeles then raised by his siblings in the West Bank who taught him about the importance of morals, ethics, and loyalty to have common sense which has brought him a long way in life and throughout his Rap career.

Before Babystud started his rap career he would perform on stage for plays and parades in the West Bank as a part time actor.

Babystud still enjoys acting and still does it on a regular basis as he is almost on the verge of becoming SAG-AFTRA (A paid working union actor).

On the other hand, Babystud looks up to 2 musicians and they are Young Thug because he loves his style in music and the way he raps, and 2pac because he was a great musician and actor at the same time and that is something Babystud is currently in works of.

Babystud is on radio rotation with the tracks “I’m Gone!” and “Aint no Stopping” ft. Tee$leazey.

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