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Artist Spotlight: Adrian Jauregui


Artist Adrian Jauregui is an Oakland based singer-songwriter and producer that has been creating music for over 15 years.

With thousands of monthly listeners across major streaming platforms, Adrian’s versatility as an artist has proven to be true with popular releases like “Eli’s Song” all the way to summer jams like “Crossfire Remix.”

While a drummer at heart, the style of a true percussionist is depicted in each track that Adrian releases to his loyal fanbase.

With emotional lyrics and uplifting ensembles, Adrian Jauregui has proven to have no limits when it comes to his genre-bending style. Check out our interview below:

Tell us a little more about what has changed since we last talked!

First off, thank you to the communities and followers who have been with me since day one, because of you I was able to grow tremendously since I started my career.

Currently, I’m signed to a few independent Music labels and Sync Licensing libraries.

I love the fact that although I’m signed, I still have creative control of my art and have gained a few fans!

Shoutout to SYNC Records, Audiosocket, and AESTHETE Music for all your support!

Additionally, I’ve landed a few Music placements on official Spotify playlist and even a few video games.

I’ve been blessed and great for past and present opportunities.

Since the pandemic - what has life been like for you? Has it deterred your music career journey at all?

Sheltering in place has allowed me to improve on my songwriting and producing skills.

Since most festivals and shows were canceled, I was able to work remotely with other artists, Social Media Influences, and a ton of indie and major labels.

Honestly, it has been a blessing in disguise and has allowed me to focus on self-awareness and my mental health.

For so many recording artists, getting noticed is hard! What would you say to artists like yourself who want to pursue a career in music?

Believe and invest in yourself!

I know we all have a budget and things are expensive however, start small it’s OK!

Don’t let society influence you and don’t’ get distracted by social media, everything you see isn’t always real, remember WE only post what we want you to see.

If you can’t afford studio time here’s a tip, exchange services with other artists to level up your game!

Ex. If you’re a producer, offer your services for free to a singer/songwriter, once you create a banger do a 50/50 split on the song!

Network with others, promote yourself, and continue to learn as much as you can.

For the past few years, I’ve used Youtube as a FREE learning resource.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

I’m excited to announce within the next few months, I will be opening up a Music label called VOYAGE MUSIC GROUP.

Over the years I’ve established solid business relations with other industry experts and feel confident I can help other artists like myself grow.

Our mission is to turn your passion into profit by focusing all your creative energy on your music and the things you love!

Leave the rest to us!

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