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After just posting only 7 seconds of his new music video for "Down On My Knees," rap artist Money Im Countin received a flood of messages in his inbox from several popular rappers including rapper Jadakiss.

This isn't the first time that Money Im Countin has entered the limelight; after touring with A Boogie wit da Hoodie, M.I.C has been seen with rapper 6ix9ine and has also famously been seen in a video with American record producer legend Amadeus listening to "Down On My Knees."

In the video, Amadeus appeared blown away by M.I.C's latest project and even provided him with some encouraging wisdom.

"Basically, it started with the Trayvon Martin situation. I wrote the song 3 years ago and I wasn't going to release it."

M.I.C decided to take his music to the next level by releasing a track he's been working on for nearly 3 years.

With just a few bars of one verse snipped on his Instagram, M.I.C was able to captivate a brand new audience to his music: an audience who cares about political unrest and egregious situations of police brutality.

"With everything thats going on with Black Lives Matter; I had to do this. I was protesting everyday, side by side. This song is all about our movement. We have to come together as a community right now."

M.I.C hit up his director and had him listen to the entire track.

They both painted the picture in their heads and at one point he decided to use some audio from his grandmother's funeral in the track.

"You have to give it that feeling. You have to put your mind there. I went into the booth knowing what I was going to say; the stance I was going to take."

For artists like M.I.C, his creative purpose transcends beyond just making a good song.

M.I.C has dedicated everything he has into "Down On My Knees" and he isn't afraid to tell you so.

"7 seconds is all I needed to get somebody's attention. This song for me is everything I stand for; everything I believe in and I'm ready to give it to the world."

M.I.C is an incredible artist who has demonstrated that he possess the requisite skill structure, versatility, and work ethic that many of the greatest artists of our generation have.

With the unprecedented, purposeful and highly anticipated track that "Down On My Knees" has become, it certainly may be true that one song can truly make all the difference.

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