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Cmagic5, tell us a little more about how you got into music?

I think music chose me.

My mom says that I started humming before talking.

My passion for singing and performing manifested itself when I was very young and I was already performing to

a ‘living room’ audience by the age of five.

I believe the inspiration for writing songs was innate and I had written my first song at the age of six.

By the age of ten, my articulation developed and I had written and composed my very first original song with no help.

The lyrics were very raw, pure, and straight from the heart.

This ignited my creativity as "Cmagic5" and encouraged me to pursue song writing.

For as long as I can remember, music has always been a part of my life.

Taking inspiration from other’s, or my own life experiences, toxic friendships, bullying, etc ... I started writing and there has been no looking back.

You truly are a jack of all trades! How did you get into modeling & acting?

As an artist, I believe creativity is a trait that is inherent and intuitive.

Ever since my childhood, I had a vivid imagination and was bursting with original ideas and would be performing to a pretend living room audience.

I'm grateful to my parents who supported my passion and provided me with a strong foundation in the arts including dance, drama, and music.

I was able to harness and develop my acting skills further and played lead roles in yearly Summer Broadway performances.

Along with acting came opportunities to model as my bold and vivacious style are representative of some brands that I have collaborated with such as Goli Nutrition (USA), Coastal Wilderness (USA), Revive (USA/Canada), etc.

While acting and freelance modelling remain on the back burner, I'm passionate about music which has been my focus, forte, and niche with my ultimate goal to hone my craft and positively impact people through the powerful, universal language of music.

Today I'm proud to represent “Musivv”, an international digital music platform, as a global ambassador.

What would you say to aspiring creators who look up to your work?

I always try to encourage artists to be their most authentic self always!

Yes, for sure, be inspired by successful artists around, but share your own light with the world and own what makes you unique.

Being a vocal mentor, I'm dedicated to helping youth amplify their voice in society, as well as on the stage.

Always remember to take care of yourself as an individual first, then as an artist.

What’s important is to never give up no matter how challenging things can be, and stay focused.

Never let anyone stop you from doing what you love.