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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

This is Aaron.

Aaron, tell us some more about how you got into music?

My dad's side is the artistic one.

Everybody in it is an entertainer, athlete, something special, and his dad was the same, the founding member and baritone singer of the Pilgrim Jubilees.

They were one of the biggest gospel groups of the 50-60s.

Look them up.

There's another group in our family that's notable too, The Desires.

The lead singer is my oldest uncle.

Russ sampled his song.

I didn't even know till way recently; fun facts.

It goes waaaaaay deeper than those two, but despite all that and growing up listening to my dad's songs and watching him make it, he never pushed my brother and I into his footsteps, and it definitely wasn't my plan.

But, he always answered my questions and let me use his gears.

I had a natural curiosity for it and my brother and I always played with songwriting.

Looking back now it was fate.

When I turned 15 is when I got possessed with the "gift" and couldn't stop ever since.

It got to a point where I had to say, "If I'm going to do this I need to be great at it and take it serious."

My mom supported me 200% (just like how she supported my dad) and after teaching myself most of the basics, my dad and I reconnected.

When he saw how intense I was about my art and music, he took me under his wing and showed me like, "This was the day I've been waiting for and you're ready now, you think you know this, but THIS is how you do it for real."

I always thank him for planting those seeds in us from the time I was a baby until today.

What would you say separates your sound/style from other artists?

My roots are where it all comes from.

I took that subconsciously and consciously added what I LIKED and grew up listening to, to create my sound now.

People tend to compare me to some specific names.

I'm not offended by it.

It just means they hear whatever star quality those people have in me.

The "it" factor, you know?

What makes me different is my ability to chameleon my way into any situation and speak people's language where they're at as a writer.

I sing and rap.

I'm a first generation African American, literally. (Mom's side; that's a fun story too).

I have the cultures of two worlds in me, and the rhythm of both.

What has been some of your favorite projects/tracks you've got to work on?

Nah, don't make me choose!

It's always changing.

Let me just say, I'm proud of what's yet to come.

It's always better than the last.

Is there anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

My album and a lot of features: one of those 2 mixtapes from my label Akashic Records (REPUBLIC/PTE) who is affiliated with Miami Mike (Soulja boy/PTE) and a collab tape with our partners in the East coast.

My team is growing.

I got some videos coming too.

My album called WISH YOU WERE HERE, has been on the works for a long time just because I had to let myself grow and learn how the business of the music business actually goes.

It's been worth it.

Life made that album sound the way it does.

I'm excited about it because it keeps surprising me how it transforms me, if that makes sense.

This is my first time talking about it officially cause I didn't want to spoil the magic of it constantly talking about it, you know?

Want it to surprise ya'll.

This year, my first 2 shows playing songs from the album were an absolute success.

The first was a pop up show for my now fashion designer, Arley Washington.

The second show was with the Wu Tang Clan and Czarface that was also this year.

You gotta keep in mind that these shows happened after over 2 years of NOT performing a single show or dropping any projects outside a few loosies and features on SoundCloud.

No music videos in over 5 years.

Online I was perfecting direct to fan methods like newsletters, merch, and thats how I was able to maintain and even build my reach, but limiting my activity there.

Besides that everything at this point was about real life; networking; travel; making things happen.

Crazy right?

But it's not crazy because that was the point of me reinventing myself from just being stuck in that indie treadmill to really being out in the world; active.

God is great, bro; I'm thankful.

I couldn't have done it without my family, my label and my girlfriend.

It's so much to talk about.

She's really been the spark that lit this madman on fire, especially on days when it felt like I didn't know what the hell I was doing, you know?

Like, she makes it all make sense.

Especially when you deal with the politics in this game?

I come home and just talk to her and I'm ready to do it all again.

I love her.

Follow Aaron Kaye:

All my socials are split into 2 names: @ajthe90skid is where you'd see all my art, as I am an illustrator and author.

That is and always will be the main part of me.

My music related stuff is under my name @aaronkayemusic, which is my real name.

If you are feeling extra adventurous you can probably still find my older stuff under the name "Godson".

Some of it is still pretty dope.


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