Frankie, tell us more about how you got into music!

Music has always been a part of my journey in life.

I don't go anywhere without it and I don't go one day without listening to it.

It's a huge part of what defines me as a person.

I woke up one day, two years ago and finally told myself that I need to take it seriously and see what happens.

I don't want that cliche of having regrets from not trying something you really wanted to try, ya know.

So, I got in touch with a local producer and the rest is history and it's been a good history so far.

What is your creative process when it comes to writing songs?

I honestly don't have one, haha!

I think that's a creative process in itself.

I can be anywhere at any time of the day and just start writing.

All these lyrics or words and phrases jump into my mind at random times and I take my phone out and just start writing.