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This is G-Swift.

G-Swift, tell us more about how you got into music.

I first got into music as a child.

I can't really remember what age exactly; but really young.

I just gravitated towards it and would learn full songs just by listening to them.

I eventually started writing and experimenting with my own work.

Which sucked at first, lol.

But I got hooked and can't shake it.

I'm addicted to growing and getting better you may say lol.

What would you say separates your sound/style from other artists?

I have a whole different worldview because of my experiences.

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, raised in Kigali Rwanda and musically bred in Los Angeles.

When I talk/rap about certain subjects, I offer a different perspective.

A different angle you may say.

I believe this is needed today.

Hip hop has grown so large that it inspired a young boy from East Central Africa to pursue the best version of himself.

I believe that alone is an asset in furthering my growth.

What has been some of your favorite projects/tracks you've got to work on?

My absolute favorite project I've got to work on is my debut EP "Trials and Tribulations" that's out now on all major digital platforms.

It was a great process working on it with some dope musical minds.

My friend Tony Jones A&R'ing and helping me get that right sound for each song.

Engineer Eric Emery making the project sound extra crisp,

Me bringing my experiences of how I first got here with basically nothing from foreign land to a point where I'm starting to pump out really good product and artistically sharing them while steady growing artistically.

I'm excited about the future at the rate we're going.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

I have a ton of stuff in the works that will be consistently dropping.

But right now, "Trials and Tribulations" is out on all major digital platforms.

Should definitely check that out.


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