Jashar, tell us more about how you got into music?

I first got in music when I was little.

Me and my little sister used to bang on pots and pans and put together shows for our parents.

I'd say I decided to get serious and work at a professional level independently when I had a friend who believed in me and decided to manage me back in 2012.

Since then, I've rebranded myself as of 2018 and I now manage myself and create music independently.

Your vibe is very unique; How would you describe your sound/style when it comes to your music?

I would say my style is vibrant and positive for the most part and the vibe is very chill.

I like to make music you could smoke to or just blast out loud when you're going on a drive at night.

I usually write music about what I'm currently going through so that you can learn more about me and my character.

I can be a spitter or just make some R&B vibes like my last single, "Bad Enough".