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Jazmin, tell us a little more about how you first got into music?

I first began singing, songwriting, and performing in musical theater when I was attending middle school in Guam.

After moving to Memphis, TN, I joined a local girl group called Flirt during the beginning phases of my career and was managed by 97.1 Radio DJ Kevonje.

During this time, I decided to pursue music professionally.

While residing in Memphis, TN, I opened for Detroit native and singer Kem with Darryl Evans Jones at the Orpheum theater in Memphis, TN.

“More Than Friends”, my orchestrated single that illustrates how it feels to love someone who is unattainable, was featured on 92.7 in Holly Springs, MS.

I was then opening act at the Holly Springs Summer Jam, which featured acts such as the DS Boys and Hurricane Chris.

I then went on to compete in various competitions such as 103.5 "Budweiser Battle for the Crown" Competition, "Amp Up Indie Artist Showcase" and the "Rock for Love" Benefit Concert in Memphis.

These pursuits led to receiving the "SCM Knockdown" Award for Best Female R&B Artist in Memphis, TN.

Since moving to Los Angeles, CA, I have performed for the Warner Brothers "Indie Artist Summit" and multiple venues around the city.

In 2019, I partnered with and recorded a Broadway production musical with the ASCAP Board of Directors Dan Foliart. Since then, my music has also premiered for BMI "Show and Tell" Workshops in Los Angeles and a "LivtheBiz" Grammy Week Music Industry networking event with Birdman and Blueface.

In addition, I worked on set for the production of "Bang", a G-Eazy single featuring Tyga.

After focusing on musical endeavors, I decided to expand my focus into media and production.

This has encompassed premiering on national television on TV shows such as "Dr.Phil", "Funny You Should Ask", and "The Late Show" with James Corden.

During the pandemic, I left my career in aviation and started a production company for songwriting/ singing/ and top-lining, and I partner with multiple clients ranging from Blackwood Studios In Hollywood to producers/ engineers in Holland, New York, and Atlanta.

What does your creative process look like when it comes to writing songs?

My creative process varies depending on the production I am provided with. In most cases, the hook becomes my primary focus in the initial phase of the creative process.

I find a subject or a topic of interest to center my work around, and from there I typically follow the standard pop structure of creating my verse, pre-hook, and bridge if the accompaniment allows for it.

Most importantly, I try to find a mood/ color for the song, one that sets the tone for the entire project.

Some projects are more joveal and upbeat, and some are darker and more melancholic.

The primary focus is to create an environment in which I can transport the listener into my imagined setting when creating the songs.

What would you say to any aspiring artists who look up to your work?

To any aspiring artist, I would say find your niche.

Find the sound that works for you and truly infuse your energy into what you create.

If you are writing about being an Alpha Female or being in love but the vibe does not match the point you are trying to convey, your audience will pick up on that.

For example, when I wrote my single "Fireside," I had to allow myself to lean into the tense decision of forgiving someone who is toxic vs. letting that person go.

I had to become the subject in the song and act the part.

Essentially, all artists are actors who seek to express themselves through music.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

Since I have expanded my client-base to include the European market, you can expect to hear more collaborations with local artists in LA and international producers/ artists.

My objective is to further expand my client base to include producers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America in order to truly diversify my sound.

In addition, you can expect to see more music collaborations with major artists in the industry and television appearances for reputable networks.

You can also expect songwriting collaborations with various camps for major labels.

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