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Mezuo, tell us a little more about how you got into music!

The music surfaced early on in high school for me when I rapped in a cypher during a summer program at Columbia University in New York city.

I started writing, making beats, and performing within the next year and some change.

I ultimately made the decision to fully pursue a career in music during my second year of college at The University of Texas at Austin.

The journey has been wild, but fast forward through a lot of heartbreaks, triumphs, and Hollywood hurdles from my teens through part of my twenties...and here we are.

Debut visual for “30” out now.

Tell us more about some of the inspiration behind the song "30" .

I produced the record December 2017 which was the end of my first full year in LA.

The beat came about from wanting to make something simplistic that knocked...a lot.

I freestyled over the beat to capture the hook melodies.

Conceptually, I’ll say that I was in one of the more dramatic periods of my life as my relationship of almost three years was on very hot water.

I was simultaneously hitting major strides in LA as I had just caught my first major blog placement and interview in the city, released my first single since moving from Texas, and I was two months away from my first show in LA that I was co-producing.

Additionally, I had just gained major industry access with events in the city within the last 2 months.

When you watch the visual, you can very easily see where this idea of thinking too much about the future and not being able to focus on the present originated from.


My life was changing right before my eyes and “30” depicts how I was responding to everything mentally.

I took what was happening around me and exaggerated the circumstances to create a conflict in the record.

I’m telling my girl at the time that I couldn’t be the best me in the relationship because I had “30 on me” and everything that came with that idea.

Those visuals are such a vibe! What was it like shooting the music video for "30"?

Much appreciated on that.

It was a monumental process and experience for me to put it simply.

I plotted heavily with my team on the look and feel of the entire rollout for months.

I conceptualized the cover art to speak on this idea of thinking too far ahead in the future and not focusing on the present.

I tapped Mase (@MaseVisuals) to help execute on all the visual assets, direct the project, and bring the whole experience to life with the additional backing from my DJ, DJ K3N.

We shot through the night in East LA and came out on the backend knowing we had done something special.

I’m just glad folks will be able to see it on a wider scale now.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you? 

More music before the end of the year.

More pressure to be applied on all fronts of my campaign.

Stay tuned!

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