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This is Sharard.

Sharard, tell us a little more about how you got started in music.

I’ve been rapping all of my life!

As a kid, I was told multiple stories about how I would rap LL Cool J songs at 2 years old.

As I got older, I started writing rhymes but not as a rapper but as a poet.

One day my brother and current partner in music heard one of my poems and asked me to spit it to one of his beats he made on a little red Casio Keyboard.

After I refused a couple of times, he finally got me to do it.

We sharpened our skills by rapping over instrumentals while recording ourselves over a boom box my father gave me til ultimately we started going to actually studios to record.

The rest is history!

What is the most difficult aspect of launching a career in hip-hop?

For me the most difficult aspect to my launching my career is getting the music out to the masses and lack of support.

I’m very confident in my abilities to not only write music but also to create so, skill isn’t the problem.

Once the song is recorded and the video is complete, how do I get the song outside of my circle?

How do I get more views on my videos?

How do I get people in Florida, Ohio, Germany anywhere who never heard of me?

Listen to Sharard Baker and get behind what I’m providing to the game.

The struggle is real! 

How would you describe your style/sound and how is it different from others? 

I consider my style to be “Storyteller with the ability to captivate audiences" through true lyricism while bringing fun and excitement to the hip hop game.

I’m very good at telling stories in my music is probably the best aspect of my style.

I love to challenge myself in the writing.

But, I’m also an actor so I love to show my range so I can write silly fun songs like my mixtape track, “I Blow Tree” which is a spoof to Megan Trainor “I love me."

I feel like that’s what missing in the game now: the fun in hip-hop.

In a nutshell, I can do that while giving you hardcore street anthems like my song, “No Country For Broke Men” serious and thought provoking songs like “Suffer For My Art,” stories like my song, “Letter To The Child” and club bangers like “Juicy Drop Pop.”

Do you have anything that is new or upcoming that we can expect to see from you?

I’m always working on new music with my bros G Flat and J. Wade so definitely got something things on deck.

I just released a full-fledged album called “Baker” back in March so please check that out.

If you want more, check out my first album “Widescreen Dreams“ available on all platforms and my mixtape “F. S.N.Y.D.E.R” available on Datpiff.

You can also check out my many videos on YouTube via the “BakerNation” channel.

I also do vlogs, challenges, etc. 

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