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This is Traavonn.

Traavonn, how'd you get into music?

I’ve been free styling and writing lyrics since I was in the first grade.

Actually, I remember my mom getting mad once, because she saw me writing about money and booty when I was like 8 years old!

Whenever I was in any mood, good or bad, I'd rap about it.

As I got older, I religiously watched freestyles on YouTube; where I was able to study different artists.

I saw Lil Snupe (R.I.P. Snupe) as he always killed it every time; since then, I knew it was possible. 

What is the most challenging thing about launching a career in hip-hop?

The industry is too oversaturated with people trying to take short cuts rather than people truly pursuing their passion. 

Some people don't really care about the art of things( or the process), so they try and do what everyone else likes the most. 

What would you say separates your sound/style from other artists?

My consistency.

I drop QUALITY music, singles, and tapes, every week. 

I’m transparent on the mic.

One thing I often say is: "whole lotta shit going on, you gotta cope."

I connect with my audience on a personal level by explaining that many times I've gone through many of the same things that they've gone though in their life.

You have to push and pursue your dreams relentlessly.

My versatility of beats and flow pattern is very unique compared to whats out today.

In all of my songs you hear motivation and a story; whether its happy or sad. 

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

My mixtape, "ANTI RAT RACE," will be dropping soon and I’m dropping singles every week!

I also own a clothing line called Covétous, which means persistently pursuing passion and creating your own success.

We'll be having a huge drop soon.

Follow us @iam.covetous on Instagram.

We'll be dropping videos designs and just everything on there!

My team is the most consistent team, I can confidently say.

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