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This is Tymes.

Tymes, tell us some more about how you first got into music.

I‘ve always been interested in music since I was a child.

It always gave me a feeling.

When I was in high school I changed schools.

The new school I went to was a very musically inclined and embraced those who wanted to improve their performing arts skills.

So, I was lucky to have a lot of talented people around me who are still close friends to this day.

I then went to a music college in my city called, Leeds College Of Music.

However, when I went there, I mainly wanted to use the studios and to learn more about production and the recording process.

However, education wasn’t the way forward for me.

So, I dropped out of college.

When I was 17, I got an apprenticeship working on building sites.

I used my first wage to buy my studio equipment, which I would then use to record all the songs that you're all going to hear.

I just improve over time and I'm finally starting to receive some recognition after my song, "On A Roll" got played on UK YouTuber, KSI.

What would you say has been the most difficult aspect about launching a career in music?

The most challenging thing I found, was believing I could do everything myself.

I have no engineer, no producer, no label, nothing.

Everything I make, I hear and have to judge whether it’s up to standard or not all by myself and a lot of that comes down to a gut instinct.

Nobody has been around giving me the push in the right direction so to speak.

It’s been mostly myself having to stay self-motivated to keep creating and just do what I love.

The people I was around took the music thing I do as a fantasy and nothing will ever happen, but when I had a little attention those who were laughing soon started congratulating. 

How would you describe your sound/style & how is it different?

My style is very unique.

My aim is to be one of the most versatile artists.

No two of my songs sound the same.

You could hear one then hear another and just hear how different the style is that I'm aiming for compared to the last one you heard.

The project that I'm currently working on is titled, "Something for Everybody".

As I believe if you don’t like the first song you hear, you will certainly find one that can be put into your playlist. 

Do you anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

My Album, "Something for Everybody" is still being worked on as we speak.

The first single from this project titled, "Know Me,"featuring London artist, Richie Gathu, is set to be released on my 22nd birthday, July 15th, 2020.

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