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This is Vada OSS.

Vada OSS, tell us some more about how you got into music.

Music always has been a big impact in my life since I was a kid.

My uncle even named me after his old rap name.

I just think music was destined for me.

I made my first song at the age of 5, but I really started taking rap serious after my friend Tubanga died.

Rappin was his passion for real & he was putting on for our city.

What would you say is the most difficult aspect about launching a career in music?

I would say the hardest part is really getting your foot in the door & staying patient.

You have to understand that most people wanna see you do good but they never wanna see you do great.

Handle the hate you shall be great.

Drop us some lines from your newest mixtape "The Wave"

Heres one from "The Wave"

Bitch, I’m the wave I don’t need a brush.

Or from “Pablo Escobar":

She told me I’m conceited, what you think bitch I’m a star

Do you have anything upcoming we can expect to see from you?

Plenty more music & just being consistent with music videos.

I just want the world to hear my music

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