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zO, tell us a little more about how you got into music?

Growing up I was always surrounded by music in one way or another.

My mother would sit and listen to music and I would watch her get lost in it.

I would marvel at how she could put on her headphones and for hours be transformed to a place where she could meditate, dance and even clean the house.

As a child, I absorbed all of this like a sponge.

It was around that time that i began to hear music within my own head.

I also began writing songs & short stories at the age of 5.

I also inherited my love of reading soon after, I would fall in love with the culture of rap and it was just a natural progression for me to want to emulate the Artists that I would see on television.

It was also at this time I began dancing, taught by my older brother who was already fully immersed into the breakdancing culture.

You are truly a jack of all trades! How did you get into writing and poetry?

My love for poetry began unofficially at 3 years old when my mother would read to me Dr. Seuss stories at night.

I fell in love with the eclectic stories as and the rhyme schemes.

Later I would officially fall head over heals over Poetry at the age of 10 when I was Introduced again to poetry this time after a teacher required us to delve deep into the work of Edgar Allan Poe.

We were required to study the Raven which is to this day one of my favorite poems ever written period.

Later I would graduate from Temple University having studied english literature still having a firm grasp on Rap Music.

You are a very respected creator; what would you say to aspiring writers & artists who look up to your work?

I would say to any aspiring writer or artist to fully embrace their imagination.

Einstein once said "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Also, I would tell any artist to be fearless in their craft.

It is extremely counterproductive to worry about the thoughts or harsh critiques of other people.

An artist should learn all that he or she can about their craft and to study other artists who have paved the way for them.

Lastly, I would tell them to remain humble and not be afraid to fail.

"If U expect everyone to Love everything U create, then U are not an Artist"- zO

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

"I look forward to creating things I've never seen before and that keeps me excited because for me, it's like meeting a new child."

Creation is spiritual for me as well as therapeutic.

Spiritus Mundi or "world spirit" is the belief that every formula, poem, song, any type of creation can be found there (In Spiritus Mundi) it is available to all artists, scientists, mathematicians etc if they so choose to go to that wellspring the Art, the Answers, the Solutions, the Music, The Words etc will always be there in never ending abundance and forever.

Thank you for going on this continuing journey with me.

God Bless.

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