zO, tell us a little more about how you got into music?

Growing up I was always surrounded by music in one way or another.

My mother would sit and listen to music and I would watch her get lost in it.

I would marvel at how she could put on her headphones and for hours be transformed to a place where she could meditate, dance and even clean the house.

As a child, I absorbed all of this like a sponge.

It was around that time that i began to hear music within my own head.

I also began writing songs & short stories at the age of 5.

I also inherited my love of reading soon after, I would fall in love with the culture of rap and it was just a natural progression for me to want to emulate the Artists that I would see on television.

It was also at this time I began dancing, taught by my older brother who was already fully immersed into the breakdancing culture.

You are truly a jack of all trades! How did you get into writing and poetry?

My love for poetry began unofficially at 3 years old when my mother would read to me Dr. Seuss stories at night.

I fell in love with the eclectic stories as and the rhyme schemes.