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Caazi is an upcoming artist based out of southern Maine.

He originally started in the summer of 2019 dropping multiple singles available for free download on SoundCloud as well as his first-ever EP labeled "Sacrifice" with musical inspirations from J. Cole, Mac Miller, Kid Cudi, and many others.

Caazi was determined to put out a variety of different sounds from the hard bass trap to lo-fi melodies.

He wanted to portray the side of both light happy vibes mixed with gritty darker vibes.

Fans have related his music to rappers Lil Skies and Yung Pinch.

His most recent drop and his first-ever album "Euphonious" has caught the attention of many new fans, being placed onto playlists: Rap Playlist 2020 and Cool Rap TV.

Caazi plans to be releasing a new single every 3 weeks all 2020, 2 albums in the making for 2021.

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