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Grady Daniel Madden, professionally known as Cash G, is an American rapper and songwriter.

Not currently signed to any labels he’s released all of his latest singles as an independent artist.

Working side by side with Fernando Sanchez, veteran engineer/producer and owner of La Serena Records, Cash G is releasing incredibly catchy songs.

In 2020, alone cash g has made 4 releases such as ‘Money Dance,’ ‘3 A.M’, ‘Whatever’, and ‘Movie’ one of which stacked up 11k streams on Spotify alone within the first month.

Born June 21st, 1995, Maine native has an impressive catalog as he continues to grow in the music industry.

"Whatever" by Cash G

"Whatever" simply embodies the very vibe that Cash G is putting out today.

With bass boosted beats and Cash G's melodic raps, "Whatever" is a perfect introduction into Cash G. Check it out:

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