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Artist Spotlight: JMC Bugatti

Create expression is one of the most fascinating phenomenons that each person is born with.

However, it begs the question of where does creative expression even come from?

Some say it could be genetic while others argue it's a random phenomenon that can't always be broken down by scientists.

For artist JMC Bugatti, also known as Jeremiah McLaughlin, creative expression began at the early age of 13.

Jeremiah attributes his grandfather, a lifelong musician and guitarist, for teaching him the fundamentals of music and creative expression.

When he turned 15 years old, Jeremiah met Rockaway, a producer from New Jersey city.

Rockaway would soon introduce Jeremiah to several artists and musical inspiration from the likes of MF Doom, J. Cole, and NAS.

Over the year, Jeremiah has elevated his craft and creative expression after meeting countless producers and upcoming artists.

The people and creative environment Jeremiah would surround himself in would soon pay off as his music and artistic abilities began to grow.

For an artist like JMC Bugatti, creative and artistic expression isn't something that just falls out of the sky, instead it is a muscle that is constantly growing and needs to be fed by various ideas and experiences.

For an artist like JMC Bugatti, it truly is exciting to see his versatility and artistic expression grow throughout each and every project.

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